These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they would do—if I didn’t live on the Upper East Side. As it stands now, I have to take a $15 cab for food that’s popular, trendy, or otherwise “cool.” So when I saw the windows of late-night, across-the-street-from-Dorrian's pizza place Mimma’s all whitewashed, I was sad—for a minute.

Until I noticed what would fill its shoes: Two Boots, so named because the “Cajun-Italian” pizza combines flavors of Louisiana and Italy (the two boots).

As an Upper East Sider, I usually feel left out, but the neighborhood is finally experiencing a comeback. The sign on the 84th Street and Second Avenue entrance proclaims it wants us, the “friends and neighbors,” to contribute photos to be eternally resin-ed into the pizzeria’s counters, and ingratiate themselves with the community. Two Boots was made for walking (it is a “neighborhood” pizza place, after all), and soon we on the Upper East Side, can walk there.

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