Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got a quick field report from one of our crispest homeslices, Mark H. (aka Famdoc in the comments).


Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersMy darling wife and I made our first visit to Park Slope's new wine bar, Bussaco. I was feeling pretty good, having just sat about 20 meters from the goddess Catherine Deneuve during a Q&A after a showing of her new film at the New York Film Festival.

While inspecting the menu outside, a hostess came out and offered us a menu and advertising card for the restaurant.

We told her we'd be glad to be seated inside. Seating choices include bar seating, "community seating," a sort of tenderless bar made of, apparently, a downed tree from Prospect Park, and normal restaurant seating.

Bussaco offers a bar menu or a dinner menu. Wines by the glass or bottle, including quite few choices from small producers in the U.S., France, Germany, and Italy.

Of interest to Slice readers is one pizza item: a Manila Clam Pizza ($10). We ordered one, along with sweet potato tortellini and grilled prawns.

We asked our pizza to be made thin, crisp, and slightly charred, and that's exactly how we got it.

The pizza was dressed with six perfectly cooked Manila clams. Topped with lots of fresh garlic, a touch of coarsely grated cheese, generous amount of salt, a touch of olive oil, and fresh herbs. About 8 inches in diameter and sliced in four slices, it makes a nice appetizer for two to split.

I can compare the pie to Franny's and to Sally's Apizza (New Haven). Busacco's clam pie is really a garlic pie with fresh clams in their shells, unlike Sally's and Franny's, whose pies feature clams out of their shells as a topping.

Order a nice white to complement this pie. There's a Cotes de Rhone on their menu that makes a nice pairing.

There were as many servers and employees as customers there, so the service is attentive, to say the least.

Eager to hear others' opinions on Busacco.

Hasta la pizza,


833 Union Street, Brooklyn NY 11217 (b/n Sixth and Seventh avenues; map)


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