Vice magazine released a New York City guide last week, and on it, they cover pizza. (You have to cover pizza if you're releasing any type of NYC food guide.) Here's what they say:

Local food bloggers bicker over whether this Midwood pizza parlor is clean or dirty (truth: it’s pretty dirty) or whether it is running on fumes nowadays or whether watching an old guy futz with their pizza is kind of patronizing. We, however, aren’t food bloggers and couldn’t give a shit. If you’re in this town to eat pizza, Di Fara should be on your list. 1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn NY (at East 15th Street; map); 718-258-1367; difara.com

Other pizzerias on the list: Artichoke Basille'sbug-internal-slice.png, Arturo's, Famous Ben's, Grimaldi'sbug-internal-slice.png, Koronetbug-internal-slice.png, Lee's Tavern, Lombardi'sbug-internal-slice.png, Otto, Totonno'sbug-internal-slice.png, and Two Boots.


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