bug-slice-patriotic-slice-dude.pngAtlantic blogger Marc Armbinder finds some political research the folks at Domino's have done:


  • Spend more per order than other consumers
  • They rely on credit cards to pay more than other consumers
  • They tend to order two large pizzas at a time, and they're usually specialty pizzas
  • They are more likely to order online, and more likely to pick up their orders


  • Rely on delivery more than Republicans
  • Pay cash more than other consumers
  • Like more variety with their orders, opting for side items, chicken and beverages more than Republicans

I'm registered as an independent, but if I analyze my own Domino's ordering habits, I'm not sure where I'd fall on this spectrum. Unlike Republicans, I never pick up from Domino's, but I do use a credit/debit card to pay, which is a GOP tell. Like the Dems, I have been known to order a chicken side at times. And, like the Republicans, I order online from Domino's.

But, for the most part, 98 percent of my pizza purchases are non-Domino's. So I'm going to say that puts me squarely in the independent camp.

Oh, and let me formally introduce you to Patriotic Slice Dude (above). His pet cause is urging people to vote. Mouse over him to read his message.


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