Interview with Motorino Pizza Chef Mathieu Palombino on Feedbag Blog


Keith Wagstaff of the Feedbag blog has an interview with Mathieu Palombino, the Belgian-born chef-owner of Motorino in Williamsburg. We wrote about the pizza at Motorino on Tuesday, and the Feedbag's piece is a nice complement to the tasting intel. Snip:

What does it take to make good pizza? Pizza is always good, even when it’s bad. Its never something you will spit out of your mouth, even if it’s not done properly. What makes a pizza good is the quality of the ingredients. It’s a very simple thing. It’s just a piece of dough with just a few ingredients, so you have to choose your ingredients very carefully. It’s a simple thing, but it can become very complicated to make your pizza better than the guy next door.

Palombino also reveals that he makes the mozzarella for his pies himself each day and that he thinks Fornino is one of the city's best pizzerias—but declines to give the names of places he thinks are overrated.

I'm going to have to pull out the Truth Hammer, though, and give this Keith Wagstaff a knock on the noggin:

[Matthieu offers me some pizza; I tell him thanks but I have to get back to the office.] Do you offer pizza to go?

He didn't even try the pizza?

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