GirlSlice: http://www.mccainblogette.com/
GirlSlice: they don't seem to have permalinks
GirlSlice: anyway
GirlSlice: if you scroll down
NYCSlice: yeah. it's nuts. that blog is hard to link to
GirlSlice: to the end of the first page
GirlSlice: they have a giant
GirlSlice: grandma pizza
GirlSlice: delivered
GirlSlice: it looks like?
GirlSlice: I've never seen that big of a rectangular pizza before!
NYCSlice: there's a way to find permalinks on that site
NYCSlice: but it's screwy
NYCSlice: http://www.mccainblogette.com/postings/101008.shtml
GirlSlice: have yo uever seen a pizza delivery like that?
NYCSlice: not really, but i'm wondering if it's just a trick of the lens. maybe foreshortening?
GirlSlice: what?
GirlSlice: I mean
GirlSlice: rectangular
GirlSlice: not round
NYCSlice: looking at it, it is an unusual-shape box


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