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Slice vs. Vice: Stone-Coal WRONG


Best-of lists are opinions, and opinions are like assholes—everybody's got one. Am I right? But there's opinion and then there's fact.

Sometimes folks come down with some wack stuff that mixes opinion and so-called fact, getting us all to the point where we don't know what to believe. That's when Slice pulls out the truth hammer and gives someone a knock on the skull with it.

Witness Vice magazine's statement about Lee's Tavern from that pizza list we mentioned yesterday: "Their coal-oven pizzas surpass the vaunted Lombardi’s and just about every other place we’ve tried."

Let's break it down.

To be gettin' Slice all excited about some coal-fired oven we thought we'd somehow overlooked all these years, only for us to call the pizzeria and find out it ain't so, that, my friends, is a serious DON'T.

Oh, and Two Boots? Seriously?

Lee's Tavern

60 Hancock Street, Staten Island NY 10305 (at Garretson Street; map)

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