The 30-Day Tulsa-Area Pizza Challenge

bug-pizza-states-OK.jpgYou know, too often, pizza outside of New York City or Chicago gets dissed (and, yes, I know this site does a fair amount of the dissing). That's why I love this Oklahoma Chowhound's spirited defense of Sooner State pie—and his or her solution:

I take exception to that edict. Comments like that always seem to come from someone who lived on the coast or in NY, and when they say 'your pizza sucks' we seem to cower and take it without standing up for our pizza restaurants.

I know darn good and well there is good pizza in the Tulsa metropolitan area. I have 4 places I would nominate for above average. And I imagine most Tulsa chows do as well..... however, my challenge is this. In the next 30 days..... try at least 2 more pizza places that you'venever been to before. (non-chain please -- or just strictly local chain) and report back here.

Perfect for National Pizza Month!

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