By day, Julian Abramson is a chili pepper farmer about an hour north of Cape Town, South Africa. But whenever he wants, he can also be a pizza oven master since his backyard wooden oven—using wood from a non-native Australian tree—is heated 24/7.

As a farmer, Abramson naturally has pots filled with herbs, tomatoes, and peppers for his pizza's homemade sauces and toppings. His favorite combo: bananas, green chili, and garlic. He makes the thin-crust pies "spontaneously all day whenever he, his family, or random neighbors are hungry."

GoodEater.org contributor Joshua Levin visited Abramson in Tierfontein, South Africa. Levin left so inspired, he's starting a series called “Pizza Oven Lifestyles," which will spotlight members of this growing global subculture of pizza oven mastery. If you know others, contact the GoodEater gang.


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