Last night, Serious Eaters booked it to Williamsburg to celebrate the holidays at The Gutter. While the alley doesn't serve hot dogs, chicken fingers, or other standard bowling fare—though I did spot beef jerky—they luckily have a BYOF policy. What would our "Food" be?

Delivery pizza from Fornino. We weren't the only ones with this idea, either. Fornino is just a half-mile away, so they'll bring it right to the alley. Our four pies included: sausage, artichoke and tomato, mushrooms with truffle oil, and a basic Margherita. Sausage was first to go, and by far the crowd favorite. Truffles inspired a small female following. Artichoke was the clear loser. Ed was a big fan of the Fornino crust: "the light crust that was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Plus, the crust had great hole structure—it was cooked all the way through."

Maybe that's what inspired him to bowl three strikes?! When they turned off the lanes an hour and a half later, Ed was begging to stay longer. "I was just getting started!" He also claims to have 1960s-era trophies at home. After the jump, get a glimpse of him in action.


Do not get in this man's way.


Don't fall, Ed!


Notice, EL's score of 117. Just behind Mr. Kuban's 134.


187 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211 (map)

The Gutter

200 N 14th Street, Brooklyn NY 11222 (map)


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