Jim Lahey rose to internet fame—or at least his no-knead bread dough technique did—in late 2006. I remember joking that the bread dough was a nice trick but that I'd be absolutely impressed with a no-knead pizza dough. And so here comes Chef John with the adaptation. His video recipe, after the jump.

The dough looks pretty damn stretchy and good-to-go, but I'd probably advise building the pizza up on a pizza peel and cooking it on a very hot preheated pizza stone rather than on a sheet pan as Chef John does here. I'll cop to being a pizza snob, too, and would avoid the Jack cheese in favor of mozzarella and a dusting of good Parmesan.

Now if only someone can produce a pizza that kneads, stretches, sauces, and tops itself, then we'll be in business.

No-Knead Pizza Dough


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