Food Blogger Orangette and Husband to Open Seattle Pizzeria


Popular food blogger Orangette dropped some awesome news on her site early last week: Her husband is opening a pizzeria. It's in their Seattle neighborhood, too, which I assume is within walking distance of their home. How cool would that be, to own a pizzeria and be able to walk to it? Here's what she says about his pizzamania:

[Brandon] is also obsessed with pizza. As a grade-schooler, he used to go to a pizzeria near his parents' house in New Jersey and pepper the owner with questions about dough and mozzarella. When I met him, he lived on the Upper West Side [of New York City], but he trekked out to the middle of Brooklyn at least once a week to wait patiently in line at Di Fara. Last year, he agreed to drive a car from San Antonio to Los Angeles just so he could try the pizza at Mozza, and he took an overnight trip to Phoenix for the sole purpose of eating at Pizzeria Bianco. So when he told me that he wanted to make pizza, it didn’t exactly surprise me. It may have scared me a little, but it didn't surprise me.

The place, which doesn't seem to have a name yet, is slated to open in spring, and judging by the 200-some comments on Orangette Molly's post, her readers will be out in full force to support it. Good luck, Brandon and Molly!

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