Dear Slice: Should I Be Excited About Two Boots Coming to L.A.?

Dear Slice

Slice mail answered.

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got a question that Slice readers might be able to help with.


Photograph from Nick Sherman of Pizza Rules! (Confidential to Nick: Are you still updating your site? Pizzadom misses you!)

Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersHey Adam,
There's a Two Boots opening up in Los Angeles in January, and I'd like to know if I should be even remotely excited. As of now, I am not. I've read a mix of good and bad, but I'm coming to you for the truth.

New York Pizza Tour 2 is slowly getting hashed out on this end. I'll hit you up for another round of your patented gems when we get closer.

Hope all is well.

Dear Lance,

You've pretty much summed it up when it comes to Two Boots. People here in NYC are either love 'em or meh 'em. I myself am not a huge Two Boots fan, although I do like its specialty pizza known as "The Dude." It's named for Jeff Bridges' character in The Big Lebowski and is a "Cajun bacon cheeseburger pie," topped with tasso, ground beef, cheddar, and mozzarella.

Yeah, I know you might be surprised at that, but I sorta dig it. I know your tastes run more toward the simple, minimalist pies that you ate on your original New York Pizza Tour, so The Dude might not be a blockbuster for you.

Other than that, the slices are fairly typical NYC slice-joint fare, with the notable exception that Two Boots uses builds the pie on a generous helping of cornmeal, which gives is some extra crunch. I think this is the small edge that has drawn in ardent Two Boots fans.

Given what I know about about your preferences, I'm guessing Two Boots won't appeal to you.

That said, I always like to encourage folks to try a place for themselves. Pizza tastes are subjective--that's one thing I've learned in all these years of blabbing about the stuff.

Hope that helps, Lance. And, sure, hit me up for suggestions for NYPT No. 2.

Hasta la pizza,

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