Songwriter BC Jean to the Hartford Courant:

Lyrically, it took about 15 minutes. The song started because I had the title. Toby [Gad, producer] and I had written about 11 songs together over a week or two.... So we were walking through Times Square, and I said, "I wish I were a boy." ... I said, "That pizza smells really good, and I'm trying not to eat carbs, and I wish I were a boy so I didn't care." That's how the song started, and he was like, "What else would you do if you were a boy?" And I was going through a really hard breakup with my first real love, so I said, "I'd be a better man than my ex-boyfriend!" ...

Listen/watch the slice-inspired song, after the jump.

Beyonce 'If I Were a Boy' Video


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