Share Pizza Photos with Your Fellow Sliceheads

PhotograzingSharp-eyed Slice readers may have noticed a new addition to the Slice main page.

In the third position on the page now is a window that shows you the two latest pizza photos submitted to Serious Eats' photo-sharing site Photograzing.

If you already have a Slice/Serious Eats account, you can use it to submit your pizza porn. Whether you're a pizza-blogger, recipe-blogger, or Flickr user, you can share your photos with the rest of us. Simply upload a photo and provide the link back to your blog post or Flickr image, and it'll show up here.

If you don't have a Slice/Serious Eats account, it's free and easy to sign up and start sharing. So don't be shy. We await your crusty, saucy, cheesy images. Om nom nom nom.

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