The Good Pie, Bringing Neapolitan-Style Pizza to St. Louis

St. Louis food writers Joe and Ann Pollack (regulars here on the site may know Ann as "Lemons") visit a recently opened Neapolitan-style pizzeria in the Gateway City. It's called The Good Pie, and here's what they have to say about it:

The pizzas themselves are 12 inches in diameter, available in some simple options, again in the style of Naples. We tried two, the house signature called "The Good Pie", and a puttanesca. The crust is remarkable. Quite thin, but not crispy, it has a little chew to it, but it’s cooked so quickly that the outer crust is still so tender, it’s like eating a freshly-baked roll. The heat blackens bits here and there, adding another layer of flavor. The Good Pie tops it with a simple tomato sauce, pieces of buffalo mozzarella, a few grape tomatoes and a few leaves of basil, some of which crisp up, too. Everything is in remarkable balance: The basil doesn’t (surprisingly) overwhelm, the mozzarella is soft and subtle, the sauce itself satisfying enough to keep the mind from wandering and the small tomatoes giving a quick burst of moisture and acidity.

They've framed the story in such a way that leads me to believe St. Louis is not super familiar with Neapolitan-style pizza, but The Good Pie sounds like it's a worthy ambassador for the genre.

The Good Pie

3137 Olive Street, St. Louis MO 63103 (map)

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