Thanks to everyone out there who showed up to hear about "The Year in Pizza" at Adult Ed last night. My talk kind of got off to a rocky start (I'm not much of a public speaker), but thanks to your early laughs (either sincere or politely feigned), I soon found my bearings and delivered a not-horrible speech.

Thanks, too, to Carrie McLaren and Stay Free! for presenting the series; Charles Star for emceeing; Jim Hanas for asking me to speak; and fellow speakers Patrick Di Justo, Joe Garden, and Marian Salzman; and, of course, Union Hall for providing the venue.

It was fun. I hope you got your five bucks' worth.

Update: Bonus Material

My premise was that the Year in Pizza had two significant trends—the ongoing back-to-tradition countered by the encroachment of technology, which gave us more ways to consume bad pizza.

I think Paulie Gee would get a kick out of this, because I noted that more and more people were going nuts making pizza in their backyards. Here's the Paulie Gee slide:

I tried to make the rest of the presentation viewable online, but it began to become too involved. I guess you just had to be there, folks.


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