20090206-milano.jpgRemember that news-of-the-weird type story about the Palm Coast, Florida, pizzeria owner who pistol-whipped a customer who complained about his calzone? The story gets weirder.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal carries a story this morning that Goomba's Pizzeria owner Joseph Milano may in fact be Joey Calco, a mob informant who was supposed to be laying low in witness protection.

"That is absolutely, positively him (Calco)," Michele McPhee said in a telephone interview Thursday after seeing a recent jail mug shot of Joseph Milano.

McPhee is an author and journalist who has written books about Calco and his crew after federal officials' takedown of several members of New York's infamous Bonanno crime family several years ago. One of McPhee's books, Mob Over Miami, gives an inside look into the Bath Avenue Crew and former mobster turned South Florida club informant Chris Paciello.

Once Milano was arrested after the incident, police started digging into his background and found a number of striking similarities between him and Calco. Milano has not returned to the pizzeria since the arrest, and a sign there claims it's under new ownership, the paper says. But I love this bit: "Milano's home was guarded Thursday by a large dog apparently corralled by an invisible electronic fence. A neighbor said she recently saw Milano working on the eaves of the home. She said it appeared he was installing security cameras." [Thanks, Patrick, for the tip!]


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