Varasano's Margherita pie, from a beautiful photo set on Savory Exposure.

The early reviews of Varasano's Pizzeria are starting to roll in—some hit the web just hours after the highly anticipated Atlanta joint opened its doors last night. What people are saying:

Foodie Buddha: "I’ll definitely get into the details at some point; but, I’d like to give them a little time to hone their craft. The New Haven pizza came out really good as did the salumi that B. gave me a taste of. Though still wildly better than anything else I’ve had in this city, Jeff has put out better pies! That, however, is nothing to think twice about. His technique with the new oven has already gotten better since I snacked there a month ago. No need for him to perfect his technique, this pizza is more than good enough to satisfy even the toughest of critics. Will I write more? You betcha ... but for now, the sneak peek seems to be holding up just fine as a first impression!"

Atlanta Cuisine: "So, how does the actual product stand up to the hype? Well, think thin bubbly surface with perfect char around the rim and bottom. The crust is a thin layer of crispy that gives way to an airy, light center. The pie is that of a purist—the ingredients are simple and fresh but employed judiciously.

"Well, the answer to your question is: Yes, it lives up to the hype and then some."

There's also a wealth of Varasano's info on the Atlanta Cuisine boards.

Yelp: "Let's try the Margherita. It's about $11. I think it was $14 at Fritti. Bar patrons next to me: 'This pizza is too soupy.' The manager got them another one in a jiffy. Margherita has good char, but the char taste stands out, too strong. Cheese and sauce don't really make an impression. Pizza is tasty though. Decent allotment of basil. Crust makes me think water cracker flavor maybe?"

Varasano's Pizzeria

2171 Peachtree Road, Atlanta GA 30309 (map)


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