From Hedge Fund Manager to Pizza Delivery Driver

20090321-hedgefunder.jpgAn interesting story from ABC News. Ken Karpman used to earn $750,000 a year as an institutional equities trader and then started his own hedge fund. After the economic crash, he's a pizza delivery driver.

"This whole progression down, it's amazing how many things you say, 'I can't do' and a week later you say, 'Yeah, I could do that,'" he said. "I'm not going to make a career out of this but, until I get something that pays more, this is what I'll do to keep food on the table."

It's a bit reminiscent of Michael Gates Gill, the former ad exec who lost a $160K job and found himself sweeping up at Starbucks for $10 an hour. If you'll recall, Gill wrote a book about his experience, How Starbucks Saved My Life, which was then optioned for a movie by Tom Hanks.

Except that Karpman hasn't written a book. Yet.

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