20090303-tarrylodge.pngTarry Lodge. It's Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich's sorta newish restaurant in Port Chester, New York, that features pizza on its menu. Alan Richman says:

Tarry Lodge is one of the most interesting pizzerias in New York. The crusts are thin, charred, toothsome, and just a bit too chewy—you’re unlikely to finish off every bit of your puffy outer ring. The toppings—I tried four—are creative and triumphant. Not one dud. They include spicy salami and porcini; truffles, pig cheek, and egg; meatballs and jalapeño peppers; and a clam pie that is unlike any other clam pizza I’ve tried, which means the clams aren’t overcooked so horrendously they taste like rubber-bands-of-the-sea. The pie with black truffles costs $14, which means those certainly aren’t fresh tuber melanosporum from Périgord sprinkled atop them, but they’re good enough to provide a hint of the unrivaled truffles-with-eggs experience.

New York Social Diary's Jordana Z. visited Tarry Lodge earlier this year and actually has pictures of the pizza.

Tarry Lodge

18 Mill Street, Port Chester NY 10573 (at Abendroth Avenue; map)


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