This is a super-specific "hack" that applies only to apartment dwellers—and, more specifically, to apartment dwellers in buildings with very few units. Like, with two or three units.

Anyway, I have a recurring problem. In my building, it's just me and my landlord. When I order pizza delivery, half the time the driver rings the wrong buzzer.

Yeah, when I call I make sure to tell them, "Ring buzzer No. 1. IT'S THE TOP BUTTON."

You'd think that would be direction enough, but often it's not. It's not a huge problem at decent hours, but late at night it ends up rousing my poor landlord.

So I made a little jig to make it nigh impossible for the driver to ring anyone's doorbell but mine. You can make one, too.

Just cut a button-size hole in half an index card and tape it to the buzzer panel. Make sure to draw on a HUGE-ASS ARROW pointing to the buzzer before you do. Voilà! No more false rings.

(If you're reading this, Jessica, remember this small courtesy and cut me some slack next time I host a raging kegger.)


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