Bay Area Bites on Pizza Nostra, San Francisco

In San Francisco, Stephanie Im of Bay Area Bites checks in with a review of newcomer Pizza Nostra in Potrero Hill:

The standout of the night that floored us and left us with that lusty, satiated, glow in our eyes was the Cannibal pizza. Topped with tomato, mozzarella, chunks of full-flavored ground beef, oregano...and crowned with a single egg cracked on top, baked to soft perfection so that the golden yolk spilled out in a lava of velvety richness. Brilliant. Yes. More please.

This hussy of a pizza (and I mean that in the most complimentary way) was presented with a bottle of house-made, chili-infused extra virgin olive oil, which our server encouraged us to "flavor" our pizza with. As the pizza itself was noticeably free of any residual oil, I was tickled by this fancy pizza-grease-on-the-side option. Pizza Nostra's spicy dipping oil is like the classy cousin to your late-night joint's neon orange drip and chili flake confetti.

Pizza Nostra

300 De Haro Street, San Francisco CA 94107 (b/n 16th and 17th streets; map)

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