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Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersYou may not know about this, but there's a pizza-themed dance party happening next week in Brooklyn. Everyone is going to dress up like pizza, and there's an insane promo video for the event. It's thrown by a group of partythrowers named CHERYL, and the party is called CHERYL: PIZZA

Here's the video promo for the party. It's awesome.
—Nick S.

Dear Nick,

Wow. This looks crazy. I'm intrigued. It's like Cats meets Hair meets the Manson family.

Thank you for sending that link my way!

Hasta la pizza,

For the rest of you, it looks like CHERYL happens every third Thursday at Royale in Park Slope (506 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215; b/n 12/13th streets).

Here's what Mapcidy says about "the dance party that will ruin your life":

12:00 the four Cheryls come out onto the dancefloor and perform a choreographed dance wearing special themed outfits and catmasks (it seems almost as though they've burst forth from the youtube screen onto the dancefloor) The crowd goes nuts.

12:30 the four Cheryls start doing "the cheryl" which is a linedance specially designed for CHERYL the dance party, which cheryl-goers learn from the "how to cheryl" video on youtube. people have been spotted doing "the cheryl" throughout the city, and even abroad.

1:00 one of the four cheryls starts distributing fake blood only to those who want it. the party suddenly gains a macabre aesthetic

CHERYL on Facebook


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