Clicking in to the Slice inbox last night, I found this great response to the Domino's debacle from Philip G., who comments here as Prairie. It's a great message and reminds me that I probably was a little harsh in my rant the other day. Take it away, Philip! --The Mgmt.


Photographs courtesy of Philip G.

Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersIt's been a long day. Like most days at the restaurant it was a 12+ hour, action packed, pizza filled day. I've been thinking a lot about the Domino's business. Internet-wide people have started to raise the torches to tear down big chain and mass produced pizza. I get it. I really, really get it. I manage a pizza buffet, old friend, and though we are small company (six locations) we are harmed by any bad exposure that a pizza place gets. A lady just today asked me (very angrily)why my pizza guy wasn't wearing gloves...a long discussion for another day.

When I started here in 2008 I knew that it was a change from what I was used to cooking at home and eating. Like Domino's, Pizza Hut, and Papa John's the pizza that we serve at my restaurant isn't New York Style, Neopolitan, or anything close to it. It is American Pizza. It is a well produced and easily defined style....and people like it. Lots of them! As GM of the restaurant I am responsible for making people happy. They give me money, sure, but more importantly they trust me and my team to serve them hot, fresh, and delicious food. The customers rely on us and their trust is very important to me AND my employees.


I was one of the people who used to shrug off chain pizza. I'd eat it when I had to, maybe, but other than that I dismissed it as not being real pizza. Whatever, I say! In the same way that the pizza of DiFara, Pizzeria Bianco, Totonno's, and more make us Serious Eaters happy, my restaurant is making Mom, Dad, and their kids (and maybe their soccer team as well) happy everyday. Pizza is a huge part of our lives, Adam, and I think together we need to knock down the walls of hate.

Lots and lots of honest people work to serve the public every day- whether it's a mom & pop place, a regional chain like mine, or a giant corporation, I think we need to remember there ARE hardworking people behind all of those stores.

Hasta La Piz-er...uh... LATER!


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