Editor's note: Mark H. (aka Famdoc), is back with another field report. You may be familiar with Mark's dispatches from the Reykjavik Pizza Company in Reykjavik, Iceland; Jule's Thin Crust in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; and the Kula Lodge on Maui. Here, word on upcoming locations of Frank Pepe's --The Mgmt.


Photograph by Robyn Lee

Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersHey Adam,
On our way back from picking our daughter up from school in Boston (the more you pay for tuition, the less school they actually provide), we stopped in New Haven for our favorite lunch. Having been to Pepe's a few times before, we had hoped to try Sally's, but found it closed. Hours posted in the window are 5PM-11PM only. Our hands were forced: another trip to Frank Pepe's. The line snaked out the door, but we were seated in ten minutes. We ordered three individual pies: tomato/spinach, tomato/mozz and clam.

All were delivered in fifteen minutes. All had delightfully crisp crust, with just the right amount of char. Unfortunately, I found the tomato sauce a bit bland and the ratio of cheese to sauce on the tomato/mozz to be tipped to far in the direction of the mozz. The clam pie was loaded with garlicky/salty clam chunks.

We took a few slices home in the famous Frank Pepe box and noticed that the box was now emblazoned with the news that Pepe was opening two more outlets, adding to its original New Haven and more recent Manchester and Fairfield locations: they're opening one at the Mohegan Sun Casino in a few months and one in Yonkers, NY a few months later.

A veritable Neopolitan Pizza empire on the rise.



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