As part of its series of pizza-site reviews, Pizza Blog About How to Eat/Order Italian Pizza Online recently featured Slice and had some really nice things to say, among them:

Slice offers many different features that may at first be a bit overwhelming, but that is only because there is so much depth and history to the site. Slice has various pizza maps of the many pizza places that have been reviewed. Slice also has pizza recipes, pizza videos, and pizza reviews. If you would like to search Slice, they have an easy drop-down menu to browse pizza by location or you can browse their archives by date or category. This is very important for a website that has been around posting almost daily for about 6 years.

And my favorite:

OK... the fun stuff... I like my friends over at Serious Eats, particularly Slice. I think that the information that they provide is very helpful for readers searching for food information. Slice focuses on the most popular food in the world, pizza. The style of information that Slice produces is very unique. Kuban finds a way to merge all pizza information, whether relevant or not, to the overall theme of his site. They are indeed similar to a New York Times of Pizza (if such a thing existed).

Thanks for the very kind words!

PBAHTEOIPO also has some insight into some of the other pizza sites out there and it looks like it will continue to add reviews as it sees fit.


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