From the Slice inbox, an interesting message about Jimmy Kimmel's love of pizza. Who knew? --The Mgmt.

Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel discuss pizza. NSFW--it's the "Man Show" reunited. Need I say more?

Video Highlights

Kimmel: "I make my own pizza."

Kimmel: "Chris [Bianco] has acquired an oven for me--it's built in Houston, Texas--in fact, it's on wheels, so next time I move ... Chris apparently built a mini model of it, with fake firewood and a candle in it to simulate fire."

Carolla: "It's is crazy as human beings how weired and dialed in we are that we can tell the very subtle difference between good pizza and great pizza."

Kimmel: "Well, we can, but most people can't. And it's unfortunate. And the worst people are those who think they can because if somebody tells me that a certain pizza is great and I have to try it, I will always try it."


Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersHi Adam,
First time/long time here, writing in because I don't know how many Slice/Adam Carolla podcast fans are out there. Today on the podcast Carolla had Jimmy Kimmel, and obviously Kimmel is a huge Chris Bianco fan judging from the clip that you (via Mr. Paulie Gee) once posted of Bianco on Kimmel's show. At about the 12 minute mark of the podcast, Kimmel goes into detail about a pizza oven he is about to have shipped to his house- design courtesy of Mr. Bianco himself. The detail about the oven is awesome- I think you and regular Slice readers would enjoy it.

What is also interested about the anecdote is insight into Kimmel's pizza passion- earlier in the podcast, Carolla says how impressed he is that he was at a house gathering featuring a pizza heavyweight (pizzaiole? I forget the exact term) from LA joint Mozza. Kimmel tops him by saying that at his own gatherings, HE makes the pizza, and also that it's sad how many people can't tell the difference between good and bad pizza, etc.

Link is on iTunes: or Carolla's website:

Thanks for all the good reading,



Thanks for the heads up. I like Adam Carolla but was unaware he had a podcast. I might have to add it to my lineup.

I had no idea Kimmel was such a pizza fanatic. I thought it was just a weird chance that Bianco was on his show. But come to think of it, the way Bianco is so singleminded about pizza, I'm surprised he made the appearance--so Kimmel must have won him over with his pizza fandom.

Who knows.

Thanks again for the links. This is really great.

Hasta la pizza,


Bonus: Video of Chris Bianco on the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Show

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