A couple things about Twitter as regards this website...

First Thing: New Twitter Box

As eagle-eye readers may have noticed, we added a small box to the right over there that displays the latest tweet from the @Slice Twitter account.

The Slice Twitter account functions in a few different ways:

  • As a supplemental microblog: Sometimes it's cools stuff I'm considering blogging on Slice proper, in which case, you'll just see it early. Sometimes it's "noted without comment" material that needs no further elaboration. Sometimes it's fun stuff that I might be too busy to get around to blogging
  • Communication with readers: Blabbing back and forth, exchanging links, etc., the usual stuff tweeters do
  • A sounding board for pizzahounds: I've jiggered the @slice account to retweet items appended with the #slicenyc hashtag or items that have been tweeted to the special @slicenyc account. So if you're out in the field and have a juicy bit of pizza news you want to share, tag your tweet or direct it to @slicenyc and it will eventually show up to the right and in the @slice account

Yeah, I know that last bit was a bit convoluted, but I have my reasons, which brings me to ...

Second Thing: An Accidental Slice Imposter on Twitter

You see, there's this OTHER entity running around calling itself Slice. Yeah, the balls, right? Some Canucks up there in Toronto went and got themselves a magazine and have been causing all sorts of confusion in Twitteronia.

Anyway, without getting too technical, if I had set up the retweeting so that any intel directed to @slice got out, we'd have whatever weird stuff @slicemag readers are trying to convey to that publication. Hence the #slicenyc hashtag OR tweeting to @slicenyc. The blessing in disguise is that the current protocol filters out any responses that aren't pizza intel, since you have to be pretty deliberate about sending stuff to #slicenyc or @slicenyc. (If all this is confusing, this post might clear some things up.)

If you're still confused about what I'm talking about, look at the image above. You'll see that I tweeted this afternoon from my personal account about my pizza lunch. Appending that tweet with #slicenyc made it spit out of the @slice account.

Third Thing: Help @slice Beat @slicemag!

I'm kinda irked that this Slice Magazine thing—as good a job as it's doing promoting hardworking Canadian artists—has more followers than the original Slice (currently 2,316 and 2,281, respectively). This is an affront to pizzadom. If you are a fan of pizza, I call upon you to do your part to show your support for the dish by following @slice! Thank you!

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