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There may yet be a glimmer of hope for us Anthony Mangieri fans in the New York City area. Although it's been reported that he may be opening his next pizzeria in San Francisco, he may not be, either. A Bay Area pizzeria for Mangieri is far from a foregone conclusion. It is entirely possible that another Garden State venture may be in the offing. Yes, Anthony Mangieri is thinking about going home again.

"I've been working making bread and pizza, first in Jersey, then in New York City, since 1993, and though I loved doing both things in both places, I am going to take a little break," Mangieri said. "I'm scared and excited all at the same time. I know a lot of people think I'm crazy and stupid for doing this now. But it kind of makes sense for me at this moment."

So what's on Mangieri's immediate agenda?

  • A motorcycle trip with friends
  • A cross-country driving trip with many stops for mountain-biking along the way
  • Some time in Hawaii spent in a boat on the water


Then, and only then, will Mangieri decide if he wants to open in San Francisco, where he's never lived, or head back to the Red Bank, New Jersey, area, where a lot of his family and friends are, and where he thinks the time may be right for his longtime neighbors to support and embrace what he does.

Don't fret, though. Mangieri's track record indicates that he'll be back with his hands in the dough and his pies in a wood-burning oven before too long.

His path has never been linear, but somehow he always finds his way back to doing what he does best—making seriously delicious pizza.


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