Over on I Think This World Is Perfect... the blogger and Friend of Slice who goes by "Dad" ranks his top 10 pizzas:

  1. Frank Pepe's, New Haven, Connecticut
  2. Mario's, Arthur Avenue, The Bronx
  3. Nick's, Forest Hills, Queens,
  4. Una Pizza Napoletana (now closed)
  5. Totonno's, Upper East Side, Manhattan
  6. Caioti, Los Angeles
  7. Colosseo, Long Island, New York
  8. Pizzeria Paradiso, D.C.
  9. John's of Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village, Manhattan
  10. His own

I've had six of the 10 from this nicely varied list—minus Caioti, Colosseo, Paradiso, and "Dad"'s own pizza. On that note, including your own pizza on a best-of list is at once a bold move and an obvious one. Speaking for myself, I find even my own haphazardly constructed pies hard to beat, only for the sense of accomplishment and the work that goes into it. I'm sure "Dad"'s pies are much better than what I produce.


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