'Eat to Blog' Makes Trip to Maria's Pizza

OK, I'm not just linking to this story because Howard from Eat to Blog totally agrees with me on how awesome Maria's Pizza in Milwaukee is. He brings up something I think I only glossed over in my post: the pizzas are HUGE.

I used this photo my sister took of me with the pizza to give you a sense of scale. Look at the size of this thing! Note the crazy look in my eyes as I realize we ordered too much food. Or did we? My first bite of the pizza threw me off. The sauce and the crust were slightly sweet. I had to take another bite to decide. And another. Okay, I decided, this was seriously delicious pizza, despite being cut into squares. My sister thought so too. We ate, fully intending to have leftovers for the next day. Well, that didn’t happen. We ate the whole thing. And I know what you’re thinking, but my sister ate almost as much as I did. Feeling full and more than a little ashamed, we stumbled out of Maria’s wondering how exactly we had made that thing disappear. It was just so good.

If I remember correctly, our party of seven also thought we'd done the eyes-bigger-stomach thing but then ended finishing most of our pies, too. I'm also really happy to see Howard hit up Leon's Frozen Custard while he was there as well as a couple other places I need to try next time I get back. Looks like you had fun, Howard!

Maria's Pizza

5025 West Forest Home Avenue, Milwaukee WI 53219 (near S. 51st Street; map)

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