• Go, Gramps! 72-year-old pizza shop worker foils robber with beer can. [AP]
  • Parmesan Used as Collateral: 17,000 tons of the cheese are being held against loans made to Italian cheesemakers. [Bloomberg via pizzamaking.com]
  • Seminar: How to start your own portable, wood-fired-oven catering business. October 2–4; Boulder, Colorado; $800. [Eventbrite]
  • Seen It! Yes, we've already blogged about the Frankie Flood motorcycle-inspired custom pizza cutters. Like, back in 2005. [Neatorama]
  • Pizza news and reviews from across the U.S. and around the world, after the jump.
  • Chicago > Lard-Crust Bakery-Style Pie: You can find it at Pizza Rustica in North Lakeview. [LTH]
  • Chicago: The Chicago Pizza Club invades Pizzeria Due. [CPC]
  • Florida: New "pizza expert" joins Lapp on his site, finds an "authentic Brooklyn pizza" in Boca Raton. [WP]
  • LA > Mama's Original Pizza: JAB reviews and says the "sauce and cheese didn't really mesh together." [LA Pizza]
  • New Haven: Cary and Lillian visit Sally's, Pepe's, and Modern all in one day. And live to blog about it. [P-4-P]
  • NYC: Lauren of Pizzalicious, otherwise Richmond, Va.–based, takes a trip to NYC and visits Grimaldi's, L&B, and Famous Ray Bono.
  • Philly: "Gianfranco’s makes the most nondescript slice of pizza ever." [PID]
  • Wisconsin: Aaron Landry's less-than-stellar review of Dolce Food & Wine's pizza Margherita in Hudson. [s4xton.com]
  • Japan: Pizza Hut Japan's latest monstrosity is a Double Roll pizza topped with bacon-wrapped sausage and mini burger patties. [Gizmodo]
  • New Zealand > Hell Pizza: The idiots at Hell Pizza are at it again, with yet another tasteless ad (this time racist) prompting a boycott. [Socialist Aotearoa]

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