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New York City schools chancellor Joel Klein is a pizza freak. Who knew? Yesterday, in the New York Post:

"Perfect pizza is as good as it gets. [But] it's got to be perfect," said Klein, who said he first developed his pizza passion while studying at Columbia University, when he drove a city cab all over town on weekends.

But this is troubling:

"If you have a Neapolitan pizza and you pick it up [by the crust] and the tip flops over, that means it's not done right," he said.

"You should be able to pick it up, and it should remain horizontal."

It's always been our understanding at Slice that Neapolitan-pizza-makers don't consider a soupy center a sign of failure and that a Neapolitan-pizza-eater can almost expect it. It's the New York slice that should exhibit as little tip sag as possible.

Oh, and new vocab term, Chancellor Klein: tip sag. Remember that. It'll be on the exam. Pizzerias that get a passing grade from Mr. Klein: Lucali, Luzzo's, Kesté Pizza & Vino, Anselmo's, and Roberta's.


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