[Photograph: Elly Blue on Flickr]

Portlanders are mad about bikes. As Bike Snob puts it, "Portland's chief export is now officially freakish cycling." From themed rides (Michael Jackson death ride, a solstice ride) to bicycle and unicycle polo, there's nothing that these folks won't do on a bike.

Which is why it did not surprise me to see the Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) beer-and-pizza bicycle. This thing carries two kegs under a built-in inlaid-wood bar, has a rear rack that carries a stack of pizzas, and even has a wood pannier that's actually a sound system.

Built by Metrofiets, the HUB Hopworksfiet made its debut at Biketoberfest on Saturday, and the brewery plans to make appearances with the thing at all the various rides and events Portland cyclists get up to. [via Neatorama]


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