pizzeria exterior - Delancey

[Photographs: Molly Wizenberg]

Yet another rave review for Seattle relative newcomer Delancey, this time in the Ballard News Tribune, which calls them "delicate works of art":

Pizzas have the slightly smoky taste of the wood-fired oven they just came out of. Pork fennel sausage is made in-house, and it's just the thing for the Sausage Pizza ($15) with tomato sauce, smoked and fresh mozzarella and basil.

Subtlety rules these pizzas, and everything on the crust is chosen with care. The Porcini Pizza ($18) with fresh mozzarella, thyme and olive oil lives up to all expectations. A pizza can be shared, but we recommend one for each person, because it's good for breakfast, too.

As someone 3,000 miles removed from the scene, I've had to rely only on pictures, viewed the video, and the Delancey origin story.

I was skeptical of the initial reports. The place had been heavily hyped since the moment it was announced on Orangette, the ├╝berpopular food blog written by Molly Wizenberg. Molly, along with her husband, Brandon Pettit, own and operate the joint. I had to wonder if all the glowing reviews were from fans of Orangette who were predisposed to like the place.

But the reviews sent in by Slice readers and the latest piece, in the Seattle Times, seem to indicate nothing but goodness coming out of the Ballard wood-burner.

Now I just need someone to buy me a plane ticket out there so I can try it myself.


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