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Going strong on Day 4.

The place: An unknown office in the Chicago area
The date: Late September 2009
The event: The birth of an American Hero

How many among us have made the claim that we could eat nothing but pizza for the rest of our lives? I certainly have on more than one occasion, and the typical responses range from silence to mild amusement. Occasionally, someone calls me out, which leads to immediate backtracking on my part. Nobody, I reason, could actually eat nothing but pizza. No human being, I think to myself, could possibly be that great. It turns out, such a person may well exist.

At the end of last month, a man who for now wishes to remain anonymous, bragged of his pizza devotion one too many times for one of his business partners, a guy who goes by the online name Ronnie_Suburban and is one of the moderators of LTH Forum, a great Chicago-centric food website. Ronnie called out his partner, expecting that he would back down and admit he was being hyperbolic. But this great man, this anonymous American hero, refused to give in.

The result: Beginning on October 1, our pizza loving friend has a significant wager backing the claim that he will eat sausage pizza, and nothing but sausage pizza, every time he eats in the month of October.

Not sausage pizza as part of every snack and meal, but sausage pizza for every snack and meal. Nothing else, not even a Tic Tac. Other toppings are allowed in addition to sausage, and sauce is optional, but every pie must have crust, cheese, and sausage (a category deemed to include a couple other meats like pepperoni and gyros, but not ground beef). He is allowed to drink, but not substantial beverages like shakes and smoothies.

Our hero wishes to remain anonymous, so if you happen to recognize him from his photo, please do not mention his name in the comments. Perhaps if people show him appropriate respect and awe, he will reveal himself. In the meantime, you can follow his progress on this thread on LTH Forum, where Ronnie_Suburban is providing regular updates.

Anyone out there think they can eat nothing but pizza for a month? And still love pizza when they are done?


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