[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

And so with Serious Pie, Tutta Bella, and Via Tribunali under my now-straining belt, I bid adieu to Jet City, but not before noticing that one of the magazines the hotel provided in the room was Seattle Metropolitan, from the same publisher as Portland Monthly. Both doing their annual food roundup issues. Both with pizza on the cover. Seattle's shows Serious Pie's Guanciale, Soft Egg, and Arugula pizza. Portland's, as I pointed out in my Nostrana report, highlights a pie coming from that pizzeria's oven but makes no mention of the pizza in the actual blurb about the place.

What's that, you ask? No Delancey? Well, due to a snafu in scheduling, I ended up in Seattle on Monday, and Delancey is only open Wednesday through Sunday. Bummer. But, if you read the list of places I hit up on this trip, you know I made my way back to the Pacific Northwest for a visit there before all was said and done.

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