Thank God no one was hurt when alleged hostage-taker Warren "Gator" Taylor wheeled himself into a post office in Wytheville, Virginia, shot off a gun and then initiated a stand-off when it was reported he carried a "device" with him. According to CNN:

He asked for a pizza but made no other demands, Dunagan said. He seemed neither angry nor disgruntled but did utter complaints about government and taxes, Dunagan said.

When the supreme pizza that police ordered was more than half an hour late, Taylor joked that Pizza Hut promises delivery in less than half an hour or the food is free, Dunagan said.

Of course, we all know that that was Domino's that shoots for 30 minutes and that the chain discontinued the 30-minute guarantee long ago. [via Jonathan F. and Pizzablogger]

If You Don't Know, Now You Know

So why is there a video up top showing a 1972 news report on the bank robbery that inspired Dog Day Afternoon? In that heist/stand-off robber Sonny Wartzik also demanded pizza.

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