[Photograph: Coalhouse Pizza]

Lost in the holiday shuffle—this rundown on Eating in Translation of the pies on offer at recently opened Coalhouse in Stamford, Connecticut. As you can tell by the name, Coalhouse is another addition to the fast-growing legion of coal-oven pizza places nationwide.

According to EiT's Dave Cook, the head pizza dude at Coalhouse came from just-closed Anselmo's in Red Hook, Brooklyn, a move that seems prescient now in retrospect.

Coalhouse has been open since early November. It seems to serve pies that pay a nod to Connecticut pizza tradition—a cherrystone clam pie, a hot oil pie (like at Colony Grill)—yet namechecks the now-vogue trappings of Neapolitanism (San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte, tipo "00" flour).

Coalhouse Pizza

85 High Ridge Road, Stamford CT 06905 (map)
203-977-7700; coalhousepizza.com


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