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A thread on Slice parent site Serious Eats has folks discussing the merits of Costco pizza. I've never had it, since I'm not a Costco member. Here's what people are saying:

"I eat the pizza at Costco all the time. It's big, cheesy, and the sauce is good too. I've had better pizza and I've had many worse." joeqboo

"I used to have a Costco on the way home from work and I would buy a bottle of wine and have a slice of pizza. The pizza is pretty filling for the price." redfish

I bribe my 5-year old with the pizza. He used to like the hot dog. It's the only way I can get him to go to Costco with me. I used to shop there a lot, but since reading The Omnivore's Dilema (I know I'm late in doing so), I really only buy paper products and such there.Potboiler

"I know so many people that swear by the pizza at Costco. Like, they're not even members, but go there just for the pizza. My parents recently became converts. They buy all of their dog food at Costco and apparently, use that as an excuse to bring home those massive cheese pizzas. I've only had it once; it was good for what it was."PumpkinBear

"Do I enjoy it? No, not really. Have I grabbed a slice of pizza in the middle of a busy shopping day? Heck yeah."Kerosena


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