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Open Thread: Home for the Holidays — Your Sentimental Favorite Pizzeria


Inspired by an email from Slice reader Jesse G., here's an open thread. Jesse's visiting home in NYC from Chicago and says:

Season's Eatings!I went out of my way to hit Sal and Carmine's with the family. It was the only pizza place that I absolutely had to hit while home for the holidays. I would love to see a post asking people what that one place is for them since it goes in a slightly different direction than a lot of Slice content, which frequently involves people discussing which pizza places are the best rather than which are their sentimental favorites. Now, I realize the two are related but are different in important ways. A "home for the holidays" post would really show what places inspire that familial-like devotion and, possibly, tell us something about where many readers hail from. Anyway, just an idea.

A great idea at that. So let's hear it, folks. I'll start ...

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