I was one foot out the door, running to catch a plane yesterday when I posted a list of links that included Passion-4-Pizza's "Twenty Minutes with Chris Bianco" interview. But an interesting item from Cary and Lillian Steiner's chat really deserved the kind of time I didn't have to give it. Luckily, seriouspizza did my job for me in the comments:

Twenty minutes with Chris Bianco. [P4P]:

"We start to look at it, turn it upside down, check the upskirt, the downskirt, all this kind of crap, it's really disturbing. I'm disturbed by this movement." —Chris Bianco

Me too. Particularly from people who've probably never cooked in a working pizzeria nor recognise the difference between charred and burnt,and then comment about it in a tone of authority on some f***ing blog.


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