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[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Here's an article about Neapolitan Pizza's new TSG protection from the EU:

My feelings about this are totally mixed. Neapolitan pizza is lovely and it's true that lots of people use the term without following the guidelines (not so much what cheese and tomatoes to buy, but how to handle the dough) but I hope people don't get the idea that pizza has to have special protection to be good. Every major American city is getting into this wood-fired oven game (just tried House Pizzeria in Austin, Texas!) but the oven doesn't dictate the quality of the final product. Not that it has to be made in the Neapolitan fashion, but there's a world of skill that goes along with merely following the rules. Some of the best pizza I've ever had was good because it strayed from formal rules. Anyway, you catch my drift.

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