This guy was there when it first opened, too. [Photograph: A. J. Kinik/An Endless Banquet]

I got this great email from longtime Slice reader Norman:

Was talking to a guy I worked with in England for several years today. I knew he was from Brooklyn, but unsure which part. I got on to mentioning Di Fara's and sent a photo—this was his reply:

I know the place. Was there when it first opened. It looks the same now but a little slicker. Big hangout place. Pizza was 15 cents a slice then. I think it is on J and 13th or 14th street. Man I could give you some stories about that place. I remember they had those small juke boxes in it. The guys all had slick backed hair and a ducks ass in the back.

The area has changed now, it used to be more cutting edge. The last time I went back it seemed very orthodox Jewish. Anyhow if I ever make it back there I'll meet you and give you a tour. The pool room was a couple of blocks toward the subway and you went down the stairs. I think it was called Artie's. I am sure it is not there anymore. Kings Highway was the big Friday night hang out place.

Tony Sirico from the Sopranos came from Ave J. He was scary. We called him Junior Sirico. He did time in prison and then became an actor. He was a good looking guy, black eyes, jet black hair. Nobody ever messed with him, he had a real heavy rep. You would never, ever have eye contact with him.

Man I sure would like some pizza now. I like the way they call it a pie.

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