pizza stone

If you're going to buy a pizza stone, allow me to recommend a square or rectangular one as opposed to a round one. Rectangular versions give you a little more leeway in placing raw pies on them; round ones require a precision drop. [Photograph: Williams-Sonoma]

In Serious Eats Talk tonight, there's a good discussion happening on the best way to clean a dirty pizza stone. Lots of good advice there, but the simplest method comes from foolishpoolish, who's done a lot of home-baking and pizza-making: "A simple half hour to hour under a broiler or on the oven's cleaning cycle should get rid of almost all of that locked grease and grime...and yes perfectly hygienic. Be sure to let the stone cool before handling!"

As always, FP has great advice and I wouldn't hesitate a second in following it.


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