20100128-pizza-bloggers.pngYes, we're a strange lot, us pizza bloggers. Um, OK, actually, Peter J. Genovese, as part of NJ.com's spectacular pizza coverage this week, paints pizza bloggers as a social group of fun-loving obsessives. Which sounds about right.

Getting name-checked in the article are folks you might recognize if you're pizza-obsessed yourself:

There are others, too, at the bottom of the article. Strangely, Paulie Gee gets mentioned as a pizza blogger, and while I can see why the reporter would make that mistake (Paulie is all over the comments on numerous pizza blogs), he's technically not a pizza blogger. And don't throw tomatoes at me for saying that; I got an email from Paulie himself, who was puzzled by his inclusion. Still, with the photos he posts to his Flickr, I guess you could view that as a photo blog of sorts.

For more pizza-related links, check out Slice's Pizza Links page. (Which reminds me, I have to update that thing! If you have a pizza-related site and want to be included, email me! adam@sliceny.com)


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