20100115-urlesque.jpgThe neato-links blog Urlesque had some kind words to say about Slice today, naming it one of the "Best Pizza Websites." I had to laugh when I read Drew Grant's take on the site:

Slice: "America's Favorite Pizza Weblog!" the tag line of this SeriousEats site decrees, which made me wary of some ancient Angelfire or Geocities background. But the blog is up to date, with the most recent entry being Awl founder Choire Sicha's homemade recipe for a pie, which gives this "weblog" the hipster seal of approval. Other good entries include a link to where to buy the Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit from our youths, and debate on the upcoming D.C. pizza truck.

Hahahah. The tagline was a joke to begin with, Grant. Even in 2003, when I founded Slice, using the term weblog was already passé, akin to calling the web cyberspace. And, because only a handful of people knew about it—and because it was the only pizza blog at the time—I had some fun in proclaiming it "America's Favorite Pizza Weblog!" (exclamation point and all!)!

I actually prefer Slice's secondary tagline: "Crusty, Saucy, Cheesy."

A funny note about Choire Sicha, too. I wish I could find this particular post on Gawker from the days when he was editor there, but I swear he posted about Slice back in early 2004, saying something like "Slice is a blog about pizza. Who says the internet is pointless?" Sadly, I never clipped that or bookmarked the mention, and now for the life of me I can't find it. (Anyone who can find it for me, I'll send you a prize.)

Update: Here's the link, thanks to Kent -- http://gawker.com/014117/remainders


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