Florence, Italy–based food writer and ur-American-in-Italy-Italian-food-expert Faith Willinger has named her three favorite pizzerias in Italy. Here's what she says ...

Being passionate about pizza, I have decided to create the Unofficial Platinum Pizza Awards for the greatest pizzerias in Italy in three different categories--traditional, innovative, and by the slice. I've tasted all over the country. The winning pizzaioli are fanatical about pizza and share an obsession with quality flour, natural yeast, and lengthy rising, which results in a more flavorful and digestible crust. And we all know how important digestion is for Italians. And the winners of the Platinum Pizza Awards are...

Traditional: La Notizia, via Michelangelo da Caravaggio, 53/55, Naples, 80126; phone, 081-7142155

Innovative: I Tigli, via Camporosolo 11, 37047, San Bonifacio; phone 045-6102606; pizzeriaitigli.it

By the slice: Pizzarium, via delle Meloria 4, Rome; 39-06-397-45416


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