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  • How 'bout We Just Call It "Pizz"? "I can't stand when people use the word 'za for pizza. Is pizza so hard to say?" [LTHForum]
  • January Challenge: The latest monthly challenge on pizzamaking.com is "cheese." Try your hand! [pizzamaking.com]
  • Typography: A pizza-related drop cap for the letter V! Plus, manicules at Lombardi's. [Pizza Rules!]
  • Frozen Pizza: Nestlé buys pizza lines from Kraft, including DiGiorno, Tombstone. [WSJ]
  • NakedPizza: Chain signs 50-unit deal for South Florida region. [NRN]
  • Arizona: A best-of list of pizza from around the state. [azcentral.com]
  • Atlanta: Gluten-free pizza options. [celiac-disease.com]
  • Ellicott City MD: Is Coal Fire Pizza going downhill already? [Pizzablogger]
  • Minneapolis: "If there was a certification for Midwestern style pizza as there is for Neapolitan, [Lake Harriet Pizza] would earn it and train others." [Landry]
  • NYC > So Long, '09: I Dream of Pizza with a multipart retrospective on the year in pies.
  • NYC: What's it like to go on one of Scott's Pizza Tours? Find out. [MM&P]
  • NYC > Brooklyn: Is Fort Greene's Graziella's really worth the trip? [Chowhound]
  • NYC > Thread Revived: "What's missing from my list of must-try pizzas in NYC?" [Chowhound]
  • Rochester NY: Brandani's does a solid slice. [RNYPB]
  • The Best Pizza in SF: It's made by Tony Gemignani, says Albert Grande. [Pizza Therapy]

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